The Godfather Olympics - See, Here’s the Thing - 75

godfather olympics

It’s time to go to the mattresses! It’s not personal, it’s business, so you’d better leave the gun, take the cannoli, AND our offer you can’t refuse to join us in the Godfather Olympics!

We’re lighting the ceremonial cigarette and declaring these games open in our first installment in February! We’ll learn about all of the events in these Olympics and meet our contenders, voting on who should win:
  • Worst Costume
  • Best Wine Drinker
  • Worst Teeth
  • Best Sonny Corleone Tantrum
  • Best Line
  • And more events!
PLUS: We finally watch “Best in Show” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” stoke a debate between “Will & Grace” and “Frasier,” discover Kate’s secret Asian heritage, and piss off a lot of blow up dolls!

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godfather olympics