Reagan Gets Grounded - Mades Byrd V Rugboy - Trivia Geeks - S3 E8

Trivia Geeks brings you a new episode, simply titled “Reagan You’re Grounded!”  you’re welcome.

Imran Javed
hosts another hilarious episode of Trivia Geeks!  This week, we shrunk Kari down to a more manageable size.  Kari had to put her parenting cap on and take care of some upcoming college things for her daughter, so guess what? She made that daughter take her place!  That’s parenting folks!  Reagan Simms steps in with co-captain Drew Pabhsky to aid in the celebrity grudge match between the Jock and Nerd Podcast’s own, RUGBOY and the WitchHunt Podcast, Nancy Madres-Byrd  for a very funny episode of Trivia Geeks!

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