Hammond Chamberlain – See, Here’s the Thing – 66

hammond chamberlain

Episode 66 starts off as a Penn State Football tribute, but quickly highlights special guest Hammond Chamberlain: podcaster extraordinaire!

It turns out that Hammond is actually the most interesting man in the world, becoming the first person to play the harmonica live on the show.  He mentions an instrument called the “chapman stick,” and here’s a short video of it in action.

We’re debating whether or not another Joker movie needs to be made, especially with Leonardo Di Caprio taking on the reins as one of Gotham’s most infamous villains.  But, the question surfaces:  does an origin story NEED to be made?

Colin Trevorrow’s out as the director of Episode IX, but could Wrinkle in Time director Ava Duvernay helm the project?  Here’s a quick look into her latest project with Disney:

Murder on the Orient Express kicked off its main publicity campaign by leaving us clues, a new poster, and an interactive website, cluesareeverywhere.com

hammond chamberlain

Will Lord of the Flies be remade with all girls?  Or just Jeff Goldblum clones? I’d pay to see that movie.  The Simpsons made a clever parody a few years ago:

We’re going to see It this weekend.  Here’s a reminder to wear diapers:

Plus, Hammond introduces us to a new Jennifer Lawrence film, Mother.

Lastly, go see The Big Sick.  You’ll thank me when you do.

hammond chamberlain

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