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Hanna Barbera

Sketching Comedy is a live podcast weekly on YouTube that showcases Illustrators, comics and comedians from around the world.  Kari Simms hosts with professional artists Imran Javed and Phil Rood every Wednesday at 8/7c.  Draw with the creators and learn in depth about artists like, Todd McFarlane, Fiona Staples, even Bob Ross!

Hanna Barbera

Sketching Comedy presents, “Hanna Barbera”

Kari , Phil and special guest Don Kelly talk  about Joseph Hanna and William Barbera who founded the studio Hanna Barbera. It was founded in 1957 by the former MGM animator creators of Tom and Jerry, and live-action director George Sidney in partnership with Screen Gems, a TV unit of Columbia Pictures.  In late 1966, it was sold to Taft Broadcasting and spent two decades as its subsidiary. It is officially considered the very first major animation studio to successfully produce cartoons exclusively for television.

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