The Varmints! podcast examines those spiky squee little pokey dudes, hedgehogs! Crikey they are spiky! Let’s learn about hedgehogs!

But first, the news!

Rare ‘Balloon Syndrome’ Causes Hedgehog to Puff Up Like a Beach Ball


Poor Zep looks pretty miserable, but don’t worry, he’ll be feeling bettah in no time thanks to the kind attentions of the Scottish SPCA. Yay!

By the way…


Baby hedgies are called HOGLETS! Aaaaaaaagh! The cute is going to kill us.

Want to learn all about the hedgehog’s self-anointing and other crazy behaviors? Read this awesome paper from the National Wildlife Federation, Meet the Hedgehog!


Why am I so cute? Maybe you can find out in this paper!

Hedgehogs’ quills are pokey, true! But did you know they also function as shock absorbers? How cool is that? Check out this great writeup courtesy of asknature.org to get all the springy, sproingy detail!


Sleepy hedgie is bored with being studied. Naptime!

Hedgies got super famous with the video game Sonic the Hedgehog! Here is a cool little video of a cartoon based on him, courtesy of YouTube user Sha *Niecie* NV.

Okay, Hedgehog cafe is just one more of a thousand reasons to visit Japan! Check out the video about it courtesy of YouTube user Abroad in Japan (who also has a whole bunch of other cool videos about Japan, hang out on his page, you will love it!)

Needle Mouse! Best name ever!

And finally, we encourage you to learn all about the wonderful, stylin’, fantastic critter that is the hedgie, by watching this cool documentary, Year of the Hedgehog, courtesy of YouTube user The Secrets of Nature!

“Hey, are you gonna eat that?”

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