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Hey Varminions! Time to get our mojo back after the horrible hurricane threw us all off track! Suggestion for this episode was from the mighty Toph and we are going to get right to it! Time to talk about hippos!

And now, the news!

Fiona the Hippo Will Be Starring In Her Very Own Facebook Show



Varmints! doesn’t approve of the use of the term “monster” as applied to any animal, because none of them are monsters, but these guys are monstrously huge so we’ll let it pass. This time. Courtesy of YouTube user Joker.


Wanna learn about hippo poop? ‘Course ya do! Check out the article here and get your dump of poo-knowledge!


Stay outta the splatter zone, look out for the poo-preller!  

And, just because we may be a little poo-obssessed here on Varmints!, here’s a video. For the safety of your keyboard, don’t have anything to drink while you are watching. Courtesy of YouTube user Clip Comedy.


Time for Hungry Hungry Hippos! Courtesy of YouTube user oscartripe.

Remember Animaniacs? Hippos Flavio and Marita were hippo-larious!


Terrifying videos of hippos chasing boats, as we promised. Whee! Be warned there might be some cursing in these. Because you know, hippo chasing your boat. Courtesy of YouTube users ABC News, and Evan Petkau.

Hippos in South America? Yep. Check out this article, “Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem” from the BBC.


A yawning problem. Ah ha ha. No, it’s not funny, just, you know. Couldn’t resist.

Time to learn about squee tiny hippos! EEEEEEEEE! Click this link and prepare to die from the cuteness.

Aaaaaaah! The cute! I can’t! I’m dyin’!

Now you know a bit more about hippos than you did this morning! What’s your opinion on them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, volunteer your rugrat to say something on our podcast, or just drop us a line about anything at varmintspodcast@gmail.com! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

Your feedback is always welcome!

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