Horse Stories and Jackalopes Revisited – Varmints! – 66


Horse Stories and Jackalopes!

Technical difficulties knocked out an all new episode so this week we’re telling some horse stories with out friend John from the Whoa! podcast and revisiting our episode about jackalopes! Learn all about those Western creatures on this very special episode with our buddy John Harrer and third generation jackalope rancher Mr. Cotton Shorts!

The Whoa podcast about horses and horsemanship is no longer weekly, but all the episodes are still available and even if you don’t know a whole lot about horses, you are going to enjoy it and learn a lot more about our equine friends. Go listen to it here!

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Our buddy Kate runs the Strange Animals podcast and you can also find her lurking around in the Varmints Discussion Group on Facebook. Her podcast covers the mythical, extinct and just downright weird creatures on this planet and it’s a hoot. Go give it a listen here!

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CK is the wonderful human with the incredible Scottish accent behind the Mirths and Monsters podcast and we love him and his A lighthearted and unique look at myths and legends across the British Isles and beyond! Like Strange Animals it’s a wonderful podcast for all ages and you can listen to it here!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the Jackalopes episode!

Why not pay a visit to the Jackalope Ranch? It looks lovely! Courtesy of YouTube user thejackaloperanch:


Dr. Geoff Abernathy, professor of biology at Tuff University in Oakland, CA takes aim at a lagomorph supporter at the annual Jackalope games.


Another ruined jackalope ranch. Their taste for flammable materials make ranching jackalopes one of the West’s most dangerous professions.


Leather shin guards used in jackalope ranching are a common sight in the desert Southwest United States.


Jackalope antlers or deer antlers? You can’t tell the difference and neither can your dog.

A very special thank you to Mr. Curtis Craddock who was the voice of “Mr. Cotton Shorts” this week. You can pre-order his book “An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors: A Novel (The Risen Kingdoms)” at Amazon! Follow this link to check it out.

We’re looking forward to presenting you with a fixed up, all-new podcast next week. Until then, send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, or just drop us a line about anything at! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

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