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This week on the Varmints! podcast we got to talk about horses with friend of the show,  horse aficionado John Harrer from the Whoa! podcast.  Come on along and saddle up, buckaroos, it’s going to be a fun ride! Giddyup!

The Whoa! Podcast is a show about horses and horsemanship. Even if you don’t have a horse but you enjoy them, this is a great show and we urge you to check them out. We had such a great chat with John, we hope you enjoy it!

Our guest and a friend, horsing around.

Ever notice that horses have weird, horizontal pupils in their eyeballs? Well they do and now you can listen to a great NPR story about why. Article courtesy of


Eye see you!

 We talked a lot about horse intelligence and none of us could agree on what sort of rating to give them, but, as we often say, it’s hard to even know what we mean when we talk about intelligence. I think for these notes we are going to encourage more reading, and another really good article over at NPR about those smartypants horsies!

Is it too early to see Equulus?

And not to beat a dead horse on the intelligence thing but our guest recommended you checkout a lovely story about a horse called The Beautiful Jim Key, and we agree with him. Trot on over to for all the horse sense!

 One of the purtiest too!

 Back in the 60s a horse named Bamboo Harvester played the talking horse, Mr. Ed! Watch him meet an extremely young Clint Eastwood (guest starring as himself!), courtesy of YouTube user jshumko.


 Is it really THE BEST SHOW EVER? If any other show said such a thing on their site I might be skeptical of their honesty, but this is Cavalia, and all I can say is, look, this is THE BEST SHOW. EVER. Check it out at, your happiness will increase a whole bunch.

Ever seen The Man from Snowy River? If you like horses you probably should! Paul and Donna are putting it on their respective movie bucket list.

Now you know a bit about horses! What’s your opinion on them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, volunteer your rugrat to say something on our podcast, or just drop us a line about anything at ! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

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