Hugh Hefner – See, Here’s the Thing – 69

hugh hefner

We pay tribute to the sexual revolution’s front man, Hugh Hefner, in the oh-so-aptly-but-coincidentally-titled Episode 69.

Patrick also finally got to watch “Saw” for the first time, and we share our thoughts on how the horror film has stood the test of time.

Sisters! I smell a remake! Looks like Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” is getting a television reboot without the original cast.  Are you upset Bette won’t be hitching a ride on a broomstick?

Patrick’s currently obsessed with Ken Burns’ “Vietnam,” so take a look at the trailer for the new documentary.

We’ll dive into the world of “Black Mirror” and share our thoughts on the captivating series sweeping Netflix.

hugh hefner

And, last but not least, we’ll share our experiences with the waiting line for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” ticket sales.

hugh hefner

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