ID4 – Brokebot Mountain – 39



Brokebot Mountain is the podcast where three friends weak attempt to walk through a maze that explores themes of existence and free thought in SCI FI TV, movies, and books.

In today’s episode of BrokeBot Mountain, the crew discussesthe 1996 Oscar Award Winning (for Special Effects) Sci-Fi Action Adventure Film “Independence Day  (ID4)”, Directed by Roland Emmerich starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman & Jeff Goldblum

Synopsis: In the beginning of July, humans received a strange signal, and this has turned into a global phenomenon. A massive spaceship headed towards Earth and smaller spaceships began to cover entire cities around the world. Suddenly, the wonder turns into horror as the spaceships destroy the cities with energy weapons. Then when the world counterattacked, the alien ships are invincible to military weapons. Then the President of the United States decides to head to Area 51, to formulate a plan to defeat the aliens. Now the fate of the world rests on a handful of surviving humans.


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