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Idle Games

Idle Games

Incremental games, also called idle games, clickergames or clicking games.  They are video games whose gameplay consists of the player performing simple actions (such as clicking on the screen) repeatedly to gain currency. This can be used to obtain items or abilities that increase the rate at which currency accrues.

Your hosts, Shane Mattox, Stacy Baldwin and Peter Fisher discuss Idle games. Paul Csomo, host of the Varmints! Podcast, stops by on this episode of I’d App That!  Paul lends his knowledge on some of his favorite idle games: Egg, Inc., Abyssrium and Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector.


Peter Fisher gives us his choice of apps this week on Peter’s Pick: MapMyRide.

 Drawing Apps

Twitter’s new, longer tweets are coming September 19th

Starting September 19, Twitter will begin cutting down exactly what’s counted against their 140-character restriction. This includes “media attachments like images, GIFs, videos & polls  This was first announced back in May, but no exact date was given. Usernames will also stop counting toward the limit, but it’s unclear if these will happen simultaneously.

They had previously considered increasing the limit, but CEO Jack Dorsey praised it back in January. He called it a “beautiful constraint” and that Twitter would “never lose” the creativity, brevity, and speed of the character limit. It was originally designed to fit in SMS messages; this still allows focus on the message itself.

Microsoft Outlook’s mobile app just added Sunrise’s best features

When Microsoft acquired calendar app Sunrise, it vowed to implement its features. Well, Outlook on Android & iOS now offer several of its best features. Many design updates, including adding event icons like coffee cups and bicycles. Location auto-completions now comes up when creating an event, complete with link to Apple or Google Maps. Tapping an empty time now pre populates date & time info and you can drag handles to make adjustments. If anyone’s already RSVP’d, they’ll be notified. They’ve also added “interesting calendars” like sporting events, which has already existed in Gmail.

You can also use your phone to create Skype for Business meeting (sounds like Hangouts). Microsoft’s, Javier Soltero stated “We haven’t fully explored or exhausted the interplay between email and calendar. When we truly feel like we have drained the swamp on the range of things that make the email and calendar experience, especially on mobile, dramatically more powerful and sophisticated, then we can reconsider this. By that point we’ll have proved that Outlook isn’t just bundling this for convenience — that there’s a real rhyme and reason to why these things belong together on a phone.” He’d also worked for another app Microsoft acquired called Acompli, which turned into Outlook mobile client; he’s hoping they can bring similar creativity to calendar

Egg, Inc.

In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can.  Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world.

An incremental (clicker) game at its core, Egg, Inc. uses many elements from simulation games that give it a unique feel and play style. Instead of menus, you are presented with crisp and colorful 3D graphics and a delightful simulation of a swarm of chickens. In addition to choosing your investments wisely you must also balance your resources to ensure a smooth running and efficient egg farm.

Idle Games


In the dark abyss lives one Corallite, all alone. Make some friends for the Lonely Corallite. Collect lives, create new coral and fish—you can build a splendid underworld!  There’s no rush. Enjoy watching the new creations swimming through the deep sea, listening to the melodic music…take your time.

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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Step 1: Place playthings and snacks in your yard.
Step 2: Wait for cats to visit!

Attract cats with food and then watch them romp with your toys! More than 40 varieties of cats—white and black, tabby and calico—might stop by. Rare cats are rumored to roam the neighborhood too, but you’ll need particular items to entice those elusive felines. Each visitor is logged in your Catbook. Become a master kitty collector and fill it up!

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Peter’s Pick  


Know where you’re going, see where you’ve been. We have over 70 million routes to chose from – or be bold and create your own. Record GPS-based activities to view detailed stats; connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data in one place; log over 600 different activity types.

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