In All Seriousness – See, Here’s the Thing – 22

in all seriousness

What happens when you combine 4 comedy legends from In All Seriousness, 4 microphones, 4 adult seats, and 1 kiddie seat?

1.) A blender full of laughs.

2.) Not enough microphones for everyone.

3.) Patrick gets demoted to the kiddie seat.

In Episode 22, we were thrilled to sit down with several members of In All Seriousness, Erie’s legendary comedy troupe. The laughs come a mile a minute in this frenetic roundtable, featuring Bill Delozier, Sue Berthold, Steve Schelinski, and John Stockhausen.

The gang sits down to discuss how they got started in comedy, their favorite skits and bits, and the importance of Altoids in a podcast interview. You’ll learn about all of the offerings In All Seriousness provides, as well as how John almost became a professional danseur (a.k.a. male ballerina).

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