Introduction – Feast on History – 1


Welcome to the introductory episode of Feast on History!

Feast on History is the podcast where we take you and your tastebuds thorough a historical ride through the ages.  Grab a fork while dine on some pretty interesting facts and historical figures and find out exactly how those tasty victuals got to your plate. Feast on History takes you back to the very beginning of a Food’s story.  We explore every nook and cranny and throw you forward into the future of food.

So, tune in  as Kari and Andrea dive into a smorgasbord of fun!  You can listen at or listen in on apple podcasts, stitcher, tunein, and google play.

So if you’re hungry, and we know you are…  Look Back, dig in, and Feast on History!

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Kari McGinnis
Kari McGinnis, Host
Andrea Freitas
Andrea Freitas, Co-host