\W/ Journey Into Night - Brokebot Mountain - 68

Journey Into Night

The puppet show is over, so it’s the perfect time for the Brokebot Mountain Crew to venture back into the park (which is one of SIX!!) to explore Westworld.  David and Phil settle in for another adventure that kicked off this week on HBO’s Westworld with the episode Journey Into Night.  The guys discuss Bernard’s visions as he takes center stage, the mysterious reappearance of Stubbs, and nudity vs dude-ity on HBO programming.  We’re missing Kari due to technical difficulties, but the guys manage to tackle all this and more as they break down the S2 premiere on this week’s Brokebot Mountain.


The hosts revolt against the guests while searching for a new purpose; Hale seeks to complete her mission; Maeve sets out to find her daughter.

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