Komodo Dragons - Varmints! - 33

Komodo dragons!

Today’s icky ol’ Varmints! episode deals with icky (but fascinating!) Komodo dragons! This is an animal with an ick factor so high, we had to put a trigger warning at the top of the episode. So, if you are a person who has trouble with goo, gore, and general ookieness, maybe check in with our Otters episode and we’ll see you next time! For now, let’s learn about the Komodo dragon!

But first, the news!

Komodo Dragon Blood May Offer a Novel Antibiotic, or, a Brand New Super Villain! Read all about it here, courtesy of voanews.com.

What do you mean I’m icky? I’m super cute!

It’s always great to get a chance to learn about controversies in science, and this is one of them! Here’s a great article about the Komodo Dragon Dirty Mouth myth, and what’s really killing their prey. Icky, and scary, you have been warned! Courtesy of National Geographic.

Wussing out on showing icky pictures,
here is a funny pair of young Komodo dragons,
who are slightly less terrifying than their elders.

Who’s the biggest, heaviest, and baddest lizard in the world? You are, Komodo dragon. You are. Check out the page at Donna’s local zoo for a nice little summary about them, and enjoy this nifty picture. Article courtesy of the Denver Zoo, picture courtesy of Caters News Agency.

komodo dragons

The mighty Komodo dragon!

There are a couple of comic book characters based on the Komodo dragon but the first of them was Spiderman’s Dr. Curt Connors, the Lizard! Courtesy of YouTube user kidscartoonmania.

Will we see him in the Avengers? Meh, probably not.

And, under the category of broad, generalized weirdness, check out this fantastic song from the Pink Panther PC video game, Hocus Pocus Pink. Courtesy of YouTube user LilMsKiss.

“Do not attempt to adjust your monitor lizard”.

Artists find puns inspiring, and in this case there are two different artists who did so with the pun “kimono dragon” Check it out! Courtesy of artists  Michael Hegedus, and Trisha Oldfield, respectively. Please check out their sites and look at their great art!

komodo dragons

Ohayoo gozaimasu!

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