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This week on the Varmints podcast Paul and Donna travel to the savanna to present a king-sized show featuring “the king of the jungle”: lions!

But first, some five star reviews!

Five Star Reviews

Laura LB: Who knew learning about animals could be so educational and entertaining?And I love the pop culture references. Check it out for some fun mental entertainment.

Nicki Thatcher: I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love this podcast. Donna and Paul are amazing hosts and have the best chemistry! I love listening to this podcast with my son. He LOVES it!!

Film Roast Podcast: Varmints! First off, this is the best name for a podcast all about animals. Secondly, Donna and Paul are GREAT hosts! You can tell they take their time researching each animal and I don’t think I’ve gone five minutes into one of their episodes without learning something. It’s like watching National Geographic do standup. Listen to Varmints! So you can listen to people who are not animal experts have a fantastic time!

“Hi guys, loved the show. Great job as always.I’m one of those kind of people who will turn off a podcast to research something I never heard of, like a Weasel War Dance. I went to Sonya Sokolov’s vid; have you seen it? SPOILER - rabbits are weasel food! But it is great to show the reason behind the dance, and how effective it is.I was so happy to then go to the vid you recommended. PS I’ve lost plenty of chickens to weasels - they would only eat the brain!” - Bridget

Here’s the video she referenced! Thanks Bridget!

Thanks so much for the great feedback and reviews, we really appreciate it!

Now let’s learn about lions!

Check out this fantastic article about the tree climbing lions of the Serengeti! Article courtesy of



Social behavior in lions is both complicated and fascinating. Here’s a great article about how it all works from the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences Lion Center.


“What is that? Can we eat it?”

Lions are in deep trouble in the wild, with numbers of probably only about 30,000 individuals and only 4,000 or so of that are dudes! Not good, guys. Want to learn how to help lions? Donna donates to the Lion Conservation Fund, who work in Kenya to help lions and the people who live around them. Check them out here! Lion Conservation Fund.


“Join the pride!”


Check out this excellent article about the history of the MGM lion in their logo! Courtesy of


Sometimes a toothache can ruin your whole day, or in the case of these lions, featured in the movie The Ghost and the Darkness, ruin your whole life and the lives of a bunch of hapless humans as well. Here’s the rundown of the situation, courtesy of 


The man-eating Tsavo lions are currently on display at The Field Museum in Chicago.

If you really want a good visual of what looking extinction in the face is, check out this map and corresponding article from


Varmints! apologizes for totally bumming you out. Sometimes we have to.

Visiting Colorado? Let Donna know so she can accompany you out to the Wild Animal Sanctuary!

lionsCounty Road 53
Keenesburg, CO 80643

Get your tissues before you watch this video.

Special thanks to Kent Drotar from the Wild Animal Sanctuary for giving us some of his valuable time.


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