Livestream for the Cure 3.0 – Varmints! – 121


WARNING: This episode contains one instance of a word that may not be suitable for kids, grandparents or people who are sensitive about adult language.

Hey it’s Paul!

It is July 4, 2019 and for a lot of you it’s a national holiday which means that you are putting lots of food in your food boxes. And it’s summer so if you’re like me you’re subscribed to a bunch of podcasts and you’re behind on most of them.

Back on May 17th I filled my own food box for an event called Livestream for the Cure 3.0! This was a fundraiser for cancer research and it was organized by Nick and Justin who are the hosts of the Epic Film Guys podcast. They put a lot of work into this event. This years event lasted 40 hours non-stop of live programming and they were able to raise over $16000 dollars. That money was donated to the Cancer Research Institute. The Cancer Research Institute is the highest rated medical research charity on Charity Navigator.

So today’s podcast is the audio version of my segment for the Livestream for the Cure. There’s not a huge visual element to this so I don’t think you’ll be missing anything in that regard but if you want to watch it scroll down and press play.


The Cancer Research Institute

Charity Navigator

Epic Film Guys podcast