Logan (Unmasked) – Brokebot Mountain – 21

Logan Unmasked

In today’s episode “Logan UnmaskedPhil Rood, Kari Simms and David Luzader talk thoroughly about the newest Marvel movie, Logan starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.  Warning!! Spoilers  

The Brokebot gang saw the release of the first R-rated Wolverine movie, Logan, the bloodiest, saddest, weariest X-Men movie ever made. Many critics are also saying it’s the best. Hugh Jackman claims this is his final outing playing the superhero on-screen, and given how the movie ends, it’s easy to see why. But there are so many strikingly bleak moments before that ending arrives. This is nominally a superhero movie, in that the characters are from superhero comics and films. But it plays more like a cynical tragedy, a drama about regret, personal failings, and death. Director James Mangold and his co-writers focus on the characters’ emotions, particularly their anger at the way the world turned out, at each other, and at themselves. And in the process, they find so many tragic, telling moments.

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