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Memento (2000)

Brokebot Mountain is a podcast created by Blazing Caribou Studios to discuss and breakdown HBO’s SciFi Western, “Westworld“. This week Brokebot Mountain,  Kari , Phil , and David discuss the movie Memento. Directed by Christopher Nolan , and inspired by the creator of Westworld, Jonathan Nolan’s short story ‘Memento Mori.’

Defining: Memento

Memento Synopsis:  Leonard Shelby has short term memory loss resulting from an injury he sustained which was associated with the murder of his wife. He remembers his life prior to the incident, such as being an insurance claims investigator. He has learned to cope with his memory loss through dealing with a man named Sammy Jankis, a person he investigated professionally who also had short term memory issues.

Some of these coping mechanism are to have a system of where to place things, talk to people face-to-face.  Rather than on the telephone as to be able to gauge their true intention, take Polaroids and write copious notes; the most important of those which he tattoos on his body so that they become permanent. Leonard’s current mission is to find and kill his wife’s murderer.  He believes the murderer is a man named John G., a name which is tattooed on his body.

Over the course of a day, Leonard is assisted in this mission by a few people seemingly independent of each other.  Including a man named Teddy and a woman named Natalie. However, each time he meets them, he has no idea who they are, why they are helping him and if indeed they are working toward the same goal as him..

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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Memento’ to Get Remake

mementoAMBI Pictures, has announced it will finance and produce the remake.  Memento, Christopher Nolan’s 2000 breakout thriller, is getting remade.  AMBI Pictures, run by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, has announced it will finance and produce the remake.

The company has the remake rights due to its acquisition of the library of Exclusive Media Group. The 400-title library also contains such as movies as Cruel Intentions, Donnie Darko, Rush and Sliding Doors, among others.

Memento starred Guy Pearce as a man who is tracking down his wife’s killer but suffers from a unique form of memory loss. The movie told part of its story in reverse order while another storyline was chronological. The two met at the end to devastating effect.



An Indie Hit

Memento, was released by Newmarket Films, was nominated for best screenplay and best editing.

It grossed $25.5 million at the domestic box office.

Qualifying as an indie hit.  It had an even greater impact on film lovers and moviegoers since its initial release.

Bacardi said, “Memento is a masterpiece that leaves audiences guessing not just throughout the film, but long after as well. [Which is a testament to its daring approach.] We intend to stay true to Christopher Nolan’s vision.  [We plan to]  deliver a memorable movie that is every bit as edgy, iconic and award-worthy as the original. It’s a big responsibility to deliver something that lives up to the mastery of the original. “