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The studio is buzzing over here at the Varmints! podcast with all the bitey, zippity zing that are mosquitoes!

But first, the news!

With 43 bites, 9-year-old wins ‘tastiest girl’ competition at the annual Russian Mosquito Festival.
Yes, it’s just as creepy as it sounds.

Who knew mosquitoes liked the balalaika?

So, which animal do you think is the most murdery? Sharks? Nope. Humans? Nope. That’s right, mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than all other critters combined. That’s something to think about when you’re out camping and the darn things are all over the freakin’ place.
Ratta bratta, rassin’ frassin…

Murdery mosquitoes are more badass than you by a long shot.

If your chief complaint about mosquitoes is that they are too small, (you never know, people are weird) here are some varieties that are big!
An article from a couple of years ago tells us all about the super-sized mega mosquito known as a gallinippers. They don’t spread disease but if one bites you, you’ll know you have been in a fight!

No, it’s not quite nightmarish enough, so…

What’s the largest mosquito? Why, the elephant mosquito, of course.
And while you are attempting to curl into a fetal position, remember, these guys only eat fruit, so it’s okay!

Image courtesy of MObugs, photo by Steve Scott.

Here’s a great video about mosquitoes. Do not watch if the idea of mosquitoes sippin’ on a bloody mary (or bob, or whatever) makes you queasy. Courtesy of YouTube user Deep Look.

Bzzzz! (That’s skeeter talk for “om nom nom”)

Like video games? Want to be a mosquito in a video game? Well, you can. If you have a PS2 or an emulator.

Wacky, yet creepy. Or is that creepy, yet wacky?

The DH.98 Mosquito was a “light bomber” made by the British in World War II.  What a cool little plane! You can read a nifty article about them here, courtesy of 

Did you know mosquitoes helped win the American Revolution? Read an article about it right here, and prepare to salute these tiny, unintentional patriots. Bless their little (really little) hearts.

Want to rid the world of mosquitoes? Sounds like a noble deed, but then… Eh, maybe not. But maybe? Hmm… maybe not. What do you think? Check out this paper from Nature and decide for yourself!

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