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In today’s episode of BrokeBot Mountain, Kari Simms and Phil Rood discuss and analyze the Amazon Prime Sci-Fi Drama Series  Oasis , starring Richard Madden, whom you may recognize as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones.

Oasis‘ opens in London 2032. The city is in a state of emergency. There’s a humanitarian crisis and calls to close UK borders after migrant camps have spilled out into the capital. Painless euthanasia is being advertised in central London as families live in squalor under roads and bridges.

An elite few have found what they think is the answer to earth’s increasing chaos and depleting resources: a ‘technologically advanced, socially conscious settlement’, described by Peter as ‘some life raft in space for the one percent’.

Peter, and his dying wife, are against Oasis and everything it stands for. But the CEO is adamant they need a man of God and has requested him personally.


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