Owls are the topic on this week’s Varmints podcast. This week one Paul discovers that the cake was a lie while the other Paul has his last shred of innocence violently torn away from him, but they both come away victorious with a slightly better knowledge of our feathered friends. Listen to the audio below and follow along with the show notes! It’ll be a HOOT!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about owls that we didn’t get to at this website!

Hey, we’re just a couple of chuckleheads talking about animals. We’re not NPR or BBC or some fancy, erudite nature show. But if you want that sort of thing, this video about how owls hear is pretty cool. Check it out. Courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth:

Next, if you can do this with your neck, the circus is hiring. Video courtesy of YouTube user MyBackyardBirding:

Owls are swift and silent killers. This hawk never even knew what hit it. Courtesy of YouTube user Camo Dave. Don’t blink!

A tiny little elf owl! How cute! It’ll still peck your eyeballs out.
This Eurasian eagle-owl took down something freakin’ BIG. Holy cow.

Think owls just go “hoot hoot”? Welp, you’re wrong. Just like we were before this podcast. Video courtesy of YouTube user LabofOrnithology:

“Hey! Eyes up here, guys. EYES UP HERE!” – The goddess Athena referring to her owl.

Speaking of boobies…

Csomo thought those were the owl’s EYES the whole time. What a rube.

Presenting brilliant moments in Hooter Girl history! Video courtesy of YouTube user TrendsNow:

It’s okay. We know some of you are smart. Working your way through college and what not. We get it. Don’t press send.

The most famous of all the owls? Courtesy of YouTube user Tootsie Roll:

Owls are dicks.

Woodsy the owl is nice though! We didn’t talk about him when we originally recorded the podcast because Wilk had never heard of him before but you, being of a certain age group, might remember him:


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