Pandas - Varmints! - Episode 13


Travel to China with two clueless guys named Paul as they explore the fascinating, poop-filled world of pandas on this week’s episode of Varmints! Join them as they discuss World of Warcraft, Kung Fu Panda, what should happen to these endangered creatures. You might actually learn a thing or two about these cute, fluffy bears that will gladly rip your face off!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

First off, it’s not easy being a baby panda. Courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth:

Next, those cute and cuddly pandas? Will jack up your life. Courtesy of YouTube users RAW LEAKS and Diagonal View:

Pandas have become an important symbol for China and for wildlife conservation (which we support here on the podcast):


The logo for the World Wildlife Federation.
The official fuwa (or mascots) of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China

But here’s an important question we discussed on the show: Should so much conservation effort and money go towards saving the great panda? You be the judge. Courtesy of YouTube user MinuteEarth:

Finally, if you’re really into World of Warcraft like Paul Wilk is, here’s a really cool behind the scenes look at the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Even if you don’t play World of Warcraft this is quite interesting! Courtesy of YouTube user Rasmus Nielsen

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