Penguins – Varmints! – 7



This week the Varmints! podcast explores the fascinating world of penguins! Your intrepid explorers venture into the Antarctic do discuss their favorite Oswald Cobblepot, wonder how a penguin might taste, and manage to learn a little about these wonderful little flightless friends!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

First of all, head on over to this website to learn more about penguins. Learn how to draw one while you’re there! Draw penguins on everything!

Is there anything more adorable than penguins tobogganing? Courtesy of YouTube user Larry Coats:

Here’s some incredible video of emperor penguins and all the stuff they have to go through just to grab a bite to eat! Courtesy of YouTube user NatGeoOceans’s channel:

Is there anything more awkward looking than a penguin experiencing catastrophic molt? Poor guy.

Here’s a penguin having a bad day. I bet he’s chilly.

Here’s Paul Wilk’s favorite version of Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin! Courtesy of YouTube user Kepler 186f:

And here’s Paul Csomo’s favorite version. Skip to about 26 minutes in. Courtesy of YouTube user AnimeGam3r11

Correction: The Chicago Wolves are the minor league affiliate of the St. Louis Blues. We were wrong. We know. Don’t press ‘send’.

Hey look! It’s Tux the Linux penguin!


Head on over here to read about how Tux the penguin became the Linux mascot!

The fantastic comic Bloom County has returned to Facebook! If you’re not familiar with it go treat yourself. It’s topical and funny and one of the best strips EVER.

Need a Rasta Imposta Penguin Suit? OF COURSE YOU DO. Who doesn’t?


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