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Today’s Varmints! podcast features that semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action, the platypus! Platypodes if we’re going to get technical. Which we will. Today’s episode was requested by Curtis, Gary, and Maja. Enjoy!

Agent P!

But first, the news!

Tired of getting hit on after you’ve already given a polite “no”? Well, maybe lady dragonflies have a solution for you. Female dragonflies found to fake death to avoid male advances. Article courtesy of


“Uh, I have a boyfriend. No, thank you. No, it’s fine, I’m just chillin’ with my girlfriends… Um. <fake death>”

Here’s a great video of some baby platypodes, or, as Paul and Donna want to call them, platypites! Video courtesy of YouTube user ZoosVictoria.

Platypippins? Platypooties?

The platypus requires no stomach to process its food. Nature weirds sometimes. Check out this article about it courtesy of

platypus“Meh. Who needs it?”

Platypodes use electrolocation to find their food. Check out this great article and look at the video below! Article courtesy of Biology Department, and video courtesy of YouTube user Wendy Walleigh.

There was a family of platypodes on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood back when Paul and Donna were kidlets. Here’s a picture!

Anna Platypus had a great birthday!

 If you’re a Canadian buddy of the Varmints! podcast, here’s a memory for you! Ovide and the Gang, happy adventures with cartoon platypodes! Video courtesy of EncoreEnterprisesLLC.

Donna apologizes once again for her awful French pronunciation.

Guess what? The platypus is so weird that scientists thought the first specimen was a hoax! Check out this great article courtesy of the Speaking of Science section of the Washington Post.


Rogue taxidermy? Could this be a platyspoof?

 Platypodes may have no stomach but that doesn’t prevent them from being FULL OF MYSTERY. Check out this great article about the difficulty of studying the male platypus’ venom spike, courtesy of Science News.


I’m dangerous! No, really!

And finally, your Daily D’aww!


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