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Prairie Dogs!

On our super duper special episode of Varmints this week, we have our first ever bona fide animal expert! Dr. Seth Magle from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago talking about prairie dogs!

The Urban Wildlife Institute conducts research intended to minimize conflict between humans and animals in urban surroundings. They have some great projects underway, and you can even get involved in citizen science and help them out by identifying animals in their database of sneaky secret squirrel cams all around the city of Chicago. We’ve done this at Varmints! podcast, it’s super cool, fun, and is a great way to contribute to research that really matters. Check it out at the Chicago Wildlife Watch.

prairie dogs

Maybe these guys are
getting a little too comfy.

Prairie dogs have their own language! Yep, they can say stuff like “Hey, guys, here comes the big, blue human with a red hat and a gun. Let us take him to our lair and devour him.” Well, almost. Check out the article about a great study about talking p-dogs!

prairie dogs

Image courtesy of Cartoons of a quirky nature.

We probably shouldn’t be surprised at the complicated geometric feats animals are capable of doing by now, but p-dogs are sure good at it! Check out this great article about the prairie dog burrows and tunnels! They do some pretty great stuff to make sure they get air in the lair.

Painting courtesy of Laurie O’Keefe.

Dramatic Prairie Dog. Courtesy of YouTube user shiveredsky.

 ‘Nuff said.

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