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The One True Way

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Blazing Caribou Studios has given a home to The One True Way Podcast, hosted by Jodi and Jess!  We are thrilled to welcome them both into our family.  These two are highly educated, southern bells bring a charm to a very touchy subject, and that is the study and history of cults.

NEW PODCAST “THE ONE TRUE WAY” NOW AVAILABLE wherever you listen to podcasts.

The One True Way Podcast focuses on Cults and their counter cultures.  This podcast gets in-depth about the birth of some of these cults and cult leaders and what makes them tick.  This show is geared toward a mature audience, due to some graphic material, not suitable for young children.

The One True WayBlazing CaribouWhat is a cult?

About The One True Way Podcast

The One True Way Podcast, (Available on Blazing Caribou Studios), Have you ever been curious about Cults but were afraid to ask because of the social taboo? Well, each week Jodi and Jess sit down and answer as many questions as they can about a different cult group. They classify, and discuss what makes a cult a cult.  They’re not experts, but they are actual scientists.



The Quiverfull Movement

In one episode Jodi and JEss examined the Quiverfull Movement.  While not a true cult it is conducive to the creation of smaller cult-like sects. Did you know that Andrea Yates and her husband Rusty were a part of the Quiverfull Movement? We discovered that they were and that their beliefs are what ultimately led to the death of their kids. Have you seen Canadian Jesus? He looks like Abraham Lincoln, is 48 years old and lives in Vancouver. Chen Tau, a Taiwanese apocalyptic cult gave us all of the details.

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About the Creators

Jodi and Jess are both scientists. Between the two of them, they have degrees in all of the hard sciences-Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. They both currently work in academia and live on a small family farm in the rural south.

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