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While Paul Csomo coughs and sneezes and curses the allergen tree across the street, it’s another episode of Varmints! where Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk discuss the interesting lives of Raccoons!

In this pilot episode, the two non-animal experts discuss interesting facts about our common furry friends and their place in pop culture.

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

So which one of these raccoons do you want on your kickball team? Either the sad little Torch Key variety or the more robust Eastern variety? Images courtesy of Wikipedia.

Eastern raccoons in a tree
One of the many little Torch Key raccoons that inhabit extreme southern Florida.

And here’s the video Paul Wilk talked about. You can see the raccoon dowsing its stolen cat food in the water dish before running off on its hind legs. Courtesy of YouTube user Rigoberto Gonzalez

Seems like we should have mentioned how dangerous raccoon poop actually is. If you have a raccoons in or around your house, you should read this.

So you want to eat some raccoon?

First of all you should consult  your particular state’s fish and wildlife department. Here’s Florida’s FWC webpage as an example. In addition you should use all the proper safety equipment, respect the hunting grounds and the animals you hunt, always hunt sober, have the proper licenses and registrations, know how to…

Yeah yeah yeah. While you were talking I killed some raccoons. What do I do with them?

The edition of the Joy of Cooking has some ideas! Maybe you could try this recipe:

Joy of Cooking,, Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, posted with permission of the Becker family.

It’s PLUG time! Special thanks to the Becker family for giving me permission to show you the actual recipe from my personal copy of “The Joy Of Cooking”! “The Joy Of Cooking” cookbook has served me and my family well for over 20 years. You should own one too. Please visit their website to read about the history of the cookbook and the family behind it, get recipes and apps, and find out where to buy this American treasure for your kitchen.


Okay enough with the plugs. So I have this leftover fur from all these dead raccoons. What do I do with it?

How about a coonskin cap? Still stylish in West Virginia!

Or impress your friends with this incredible raccoon fur driving coat!

Many raccoons died for this man to look this ridiculous.

Raccoons in pop culture!

You are cordially invited to search for your own darn Rocket Raccoon video on YouTube and watch it because if you think I’m going to get this website in some hot water with a copyright lawyer that works for Disney or The Beatles, your name is Wrongy McWrongpants. Same thing goes for “Rocky Raccoon” by the Beatles.

Finally here’s the raccoon skull that sits on my computer desk:

In addition, if you find skulls or bones out in the wild and you want to clean and keep them, this website should be most helpful.

Thanks for listening!

Do you have an interesting or funny raccoon tale to tell? Have you eaten raccoon? Or do you just have comments and questions about the show? Why not drop us a line? We’d love to hear from you!

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