Ravens – Varmints! – 16



In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about ravens! With their creepy reputation, it’s easy to overlook these bright, curious, and delightful critter of the air. Join Paul and his new co-host Donna, for a flight of fancy cloaked in shimmery feathers.

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

Curses! Here’s a video of the Raven who says the word “arse” that we featured in the show. Enjoy a good giggle. Courtesy of YouTube user uvwxyzmatt.


Ravens are used extensively in the Game of Thrones books and television series. Take a look at this fun video of some of the animatronic ravens used in the series, here featured at an event in Belfast, Ireland. Courtesy of YouTube user ClipStorm video:

Winter is coming, and so are Game of Thrones robot ravens!

Ravens are smarty pants birds, with a flair for spy games. Check out this clip from an episode of BBC Earth. Courtesy of YouTube user BBC Earth.

Something is definitely fishy around here. Check out this hilarious video of fearless Raven brazenly nicking a fish from an eagle. Courtesy of YouTube user PBS:

So, you like puzzles? Ravens love them too. Look how fast these guys solve this puzzle, and they’re only winging it. Courtesy of YouTube user Tom Peary:

Finally, here’s William Shatner in all his wonderful Shatnery glory reciting “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. Courtesy of YouTube user dick clark productions:

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