\W/ Replicate – Brokebot Mountain – 17


Replicate: The Original

Switch off awareness of your surroundings and focus your attention exclusively on this Brokebot Mountain recap.  In this week’s episode, “Replicate“, Kari Simms is kicking it with her daughter Reagan Simms as she watches episode 1 of the series,  HBO’s Westworld for the first time.

Reagan boots up her Analysis Mode of HBO’s Westworld, and there is a lot of data to process. Titled “The Original,” the first episode is the most dense packing of characters, story lines, and mysteries than she has seen on TV since the Game of Thrones pilot five years ago. There are no dragons, sure, but there is a Dolores — and Reagan suspects she’s going to wreak more havoc on this show than Daenerys Targaryen in Westeros.