Rhinos – Varmints! – 68



Ready to rock and roll with the rhinos this week? So are we! Let’s laugh and learn about these very cool, very endangered varmints!

But first, listener mail!

A note from Paul’s Aunt Cindy:
Paul, I have been listening to a lot of the podcasts lately. Last night I listened to Varmints – #28 about Mosquitos. You mentioned that your Uncle Joe contracted malaria in Vietnam. I never heard that so I asked Uncle Joe this morning. He said he never had malaria some how I guess this is a misunderstanding some where, maybe passed down through the years. I am really enjoying the podcasts, I listened to some before, got busy and forgot to listen to them. For over a month I started back at #1 – Kangaroos, I listened to #29 – Beavers this morning, keep up the good work.  I try to listen to about 4 a week. Uncle Joe just told me, what he did get was a bad sunburn on his ample nose.

Thanks Cindy! We are super stoked that no malaria was acquired and, thanks for listening!

Thanks also to Charlie and Damien, the Rugrats of Odd Dad Out Podcast creator Adam Higgins for their comments! We will likely do a black bear episode so keep your ears open and ready for that! Cheers, guys!

Scientists Crack Rhino Horn Riddle courtesy of sciencedaily.com


It’s not just made of keratin, it has a hard calcium core! 

Oxpecker – Hero or Villain? Video courtesy of YouTube user Lion Mountain TV.

I don’t need fangs to be vampy! 

Spider-Man vs Rhino, video courtesy of YouTube user TopMovieClips

Not the sharpest rhino horn in the forest. 

Mkomazi: The Rhino. Video courtesy of YouTube user Wild Things.

Rhino populations have decreased by more than 90% since the 1970s. 

Let’s Fight Poaching with Robotic Rhinos! Article courtesy of wired.com.


Yes, lets! 

Rhinos Use Poop Piles Like a Social Network. Article courtesy of nationalgeographic.com.


Hold on, I have to post on Poobook…


Donna’s awesome WoW Wooly Rhino, Ben. He’s so smiley.

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