Scorpions – Varmints! – 101


This week on Varmints! Podcast, join Paul and Donna for a discussion of those skittery little weirdos, scorpions!

But first, the news!

Swaner EcoCenter hopes to conquer fears with exhibit featuring 100 arachnids

Skittery, shuddery goodness!S

Scorpions have amazing metabolism! Read about this and other interesting stuff at Scorpions, article courtesy of

Why do scorpions glow under black lights? Find out here courtesy of

Scorpions like to attend raves. Duh.

Want to avoid scorpions in a video game? Now you can! We’re going old school style at!

Only you can save this little pixel dude. Do eet! You know you want to.

The 1982 TV commercial for Pitfall featuring Jack Black in one of his first roles!

No show about scorpions is complete without these guys!

This song is fine for the kiddos, but I’d seriously supervise the rest of their stuff, parents. 😀


Want to keep a scorpion as a pet? Okie dokie, find out how to do that here, article courtesy of

Have fun with your stingly stinger pinchy pincher buddies.

Or, if you’d rather rid your life of any and all scorpions, check out these tips from!Scorpion Infestation 300x206 Tips To Prevent Scorpion Infestation

Get out of here, scorpions! And stay out!

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