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Sketching Comedy  is a live podcast each week every Wednesday on YouTube 8/7c. It's the show that teaches about comics, comedy, illustrators and art, all while you listen and watch from the comfort of your own home. Professional digital artist Imran Javed, has a world of knowledge in the comic book field while Phil Rood draws analog with the old graphite, so that you can see the contrast in art.  Kari Simms hosts and learns right along with the audience about topics from Jack Kirby and Fiona Staples to Seinfeld and Lucille Ball.

Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel – Sketching Comedy – 15

Sketching Comedy Presents:  Ms. Marvel On today’s show we discuss Ms. Marvel! You may recognize her  as the name of…
mouse guard

Mouse Guard – Sketching Comedy – 14

Mouse Guard! Sketching Comedy presents, "Mouse Guard, " by David Petersen On today’s show we discuss David Petersen!  You may recognize…

Seinfeld – Sketching Comedy – 13

Sketching Comedy is a live podcast weekly on YouTube that showcases Illustrators, comics and comedians from around the world.  Kari…

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