Sims 3 - 8Bit Avenue - 2

Sims 3

In this episode of 8Bit Avenue, a podcast about that nostalgic feeling you get when you revisit your beloved and coveted retro games: Matthew Palmer and Katie Talmo discuss Sims 3 that was originally released in.  OK so “Retro” may be a stretch here, but it still brings back fond memories of the original Sims game released 10 years before this version.

Create lifelike Sims with a unique personality and take them anywhere in the neighborhood. The powerful Create-a-Sim tool allows you to create Sims that are more realistic than ever. Katie discusses her thoughts on the Ambitions and Pets expansions for Sims 3, and Matthew, well, you’ll have to listen to hear what his experience was like. The hosts also discuss the Nintendo Switch launch.

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