Blazing Caribou Studios Launches “Sketching Comedy” Podcast Series

Blazing Caribou Studios Launches “Sketching Comedy ” Podcast Series

Discussions Focus on Comedy, Drawings and the Comic Book Artists Behind Them

PEORIA, Illinois, – March 1 – Blazing Caribou Studios, a podcasting company, (an up and coming leader in podcast productions), announced today the launch of its newest podcast series Sketching Comedy. Sketching Comedy is the most dysfunctional collection of art supplies, alcohol, and smack-talking the internet has to offer. Kari Simms along with the guys on the drawing boards, Imran Javed and Phil Rood, talk about art and artists while they crack jokes, sketch out what they talk about, and see where their drawings end up by the end of the show.

Sketching Comedy offers a great insight into the men and women behind the drawings, whether it’s Marvel artists or Looney Tunes creators, Sketching Comedy guarantees to help you discover a world of drawing and laughter while supplying you with background information and stories behind the artists. Imran and Phil render their skills as they teach fellow artist Kari Simms how to get into the tech age from pencil to stylus and from paper to screen.  For more information, please visit Sketching Comedy.

If you’re new to drawing or want to learn more about graphic novels and comics, this is the podcast for you.

Sketching Comedy can be accessed and enjoyed at the listener’s convenience. To increase accessibility, there are a few ways a user may listen to the series when visiting the Blazing Caribou Studios/Sketching Comedy Website:

  1. Play in Popup: This will launch an audio player in a separate window. This is a good option if the user wants to move around the Web while listening to the show.
  2. Audio MP3 Download: This will play the MP3 file within the users’ browser, or the user can download the file to their computer and save the episode to their MP3 player and listen at their convenience.
  3. RSS Feed: Site visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed via podcatching software like iTunes at: Sketching Comedy RSS FEED
  4. Blazing Caribou Studios Mega Feed: Visitors that enjoy this show every week can get every show produced by Blazing Caribou Studios in their Mega Feed at: Blazing Caribou Studios Mega Feed

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Blazing Caribou Studios delivers podcasts and podcasting services upcoming young podcast entrepreneurs looking for a place for their voice, their art, and their stories. Blazing Caribou Studios translates the day-to-day efforts of their podcasters into a compelling series of entertaining and educational shows that highlight the inherent drama found in every things and situations.

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