Skunks - Varmints! - Episode 23

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The Varmints! podcast researched the stinky topic of skunks this week! Join us to learn about these animals that are so much more than their malodorous rep!

In the news: Can you smell the love tonight? In the spring, a young skunk’s mind turns to love. Courtesy of


Lookin’ for love!

Ever heard of pygmy skunks? Turns out stinky comes in miniature versions! Courtesy of YouTube User Andrewsarchus Naturelover.


You’ve got plenty of time to avoid being sprayed by a skunk if you obey the warning signs!  Courtesy of Wild Care Bay Area.



Skunks learn their pre-spray protocol as babies! Courtesy of YouTube user Amphibiansunrise.


Here’s a great video about skunks and their stink! Courtesy of YouTube user AnimalWonders Montana.

We talked about the overly lovable Warner Bros character Pepe LePew, who is apparently getting his own movie soon! Courtesy of


Want a skunky super hero? You can have one! Marvel Comic’s Hepzibah might be just the thing for you! Courtesy of  Marvel Database at


If you want the real recipe for de-skunkifying yourself or your dog, here it is! Courtesy of Wildcare Bay Area.


Or you can used distilled white vinegar in place of the hydrogen peroxide.

Want a skunk for a pet? Make sure it’s legal where you are and learn what you need to in “odor” to take good care of them! Here’s a great video from Animal Planet that tells you all about it! Courtesy of YouTube user Animal Planet.


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