Snek! - The Soapy Madams Podcast - 39

Lots of sneks on The Soapy Madams Podcast this week, from the sneaky sneks of EastEnders who are hiding Vincent’s ultimate fate, to to snarky snek teen getting all of Emmerdale’s youngsters on the path to juvvie. Corrie’s Alya acts like a sneaky sidewinder who has the keys, while on General Hospital, Nelle Benson has a monologue about putting Carly in the snek pit, and Peter August has to deal with more than just a bad German accent in his awkward cabin imprisonment.

Join us for the fun on The Soapy Madams Podcast.

Our intro music is by Jahzzar, our bed music is by Kevin MacLeod and Bird Creek. They are all wonderful so go check them out!

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