Coverville – Beyond the Playlist – Sound off – 36

Sound off

Trivia Geeks Live! brings you a new episode, simply titled “Sound Off” you’re welcome.

This week, Imran welcomes Brian Ibbott and Hammond Chamblain in a sound off trivia inspired episode. Who will claim the Trivia Geek crown this week?.  Join #TriviaGeeks Vs #Soundography

Our guests are easily recognized as co-hosts of the popular music podcast Soundography. You may also recognize them from The Morning Stream, Coverville, Beyond the Playlist and their latest collaboration America’s Next Top Podcaster! #TriviaGeeks plays for @replicasleeve and #Soundography for @Donnak4 on Twitter. Who will be of sound body and mind to pull off a win this week on Trivia Geeks Live?!  Tune in and find out!

Thanks to all those behind the scenes that make the show what it is, We love you!  Thanks so much!

SHOUT OUTS to: Soundography| CovervilleThe Morning Stream| Beyond the Playlist| @Donnak4| @replicasleeve

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