Squirrels - Varmints! - Episode 19


In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about squirrels! Squirrels were suggested by Varmints listener, Laura, so we thank her! Squirrels are cute, clever critters with attitude and definite opinions on things, they are fun to watch and great fun to learn about. We had a great time recording this episode and we hope you will enjoy it!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

In the news: PETA wants fictional characters in the fictional Warhammer universe to stop wearing fictional furs. No word on whether or not the fictional murder and mayhem are a problem. Check it out!


This season’s fashion statement: YAAAAARGH!

PETA wants Warhammer characters to stop wearing furs now

Here’s some video of squirrels flappin’ their tails. Do not mess with squirrels. They will end you. Courtesy of YouTube user Deep Look.

Let’s take a look at some squirrel super powers. No bird feeder is safe! Twirl a squirrel, champ! Courtesy of YouTube user viteacher.

 Squirrels can also be super spies. Here’s a little one on an impossible mission to get the bird seed! Good luck, little buddy! Destroy this message immediately. Courtesy of YouTube user andyhageman.

Now, face the wrath of Tippy Toes, Monkey Joe, Mr. Lieberman and Squirrel Girl! Courtesy of YouTube user SuperheroNERD’S CHANNEL.

And finally, the tale of Tin Tin the pet squirrel, courtesy of YouTube user Inside Edition.

Tiny, fuzzy, and not a tail flap in sight. Uh, we have to say squee.

Now you’re an expert on squirrels! What’s your opinion on them? We want to hear from you! Send us your suggestions for animals you’d like to hear us talk about, or just drop us a line about anything at ! We might even read your fascinating email on the show.

Your feedback is always welcome!

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