Donna Hume

Dolphins - Varmints! - 116

Dolphins! Everyone loves dolphins! Will Paul and Donna help you learn a little more about them this week? They dolphinitely will. But first the news! […]

Dragons - Varmints! - 115

Dragons! Join Paul and Donna with our special guest, famous exotic animal rancher Cotton Shorts, to talk about those fiery, scaly reptiles, dragons! Dragon scales […]

Cobras - Varmints! - 114

Cobras! Get ready to slither and hissss with Paul and Donna this week in our very first episode about a snek; the cobra! But first, […]

Yaks - Varmints! - 113

Yaks! Paul and Donna are yakkin’ about yaks on this week’s episode! By the end of this episode you’re going to be a real brainy-yak! […]

Finches - Varmints! - 112

Finches! Cute, feathery dinosaurs are the topic today on the Varmints! podcast. Come fly away with us and enjoy learning about these tiny tweeters. But […]

Camels - Varmints! - 110

Camels! Paul and Donna are back with another episode of Varmints! to talk about the amazing world of those ancient ships of the desert: camels! […]

Cats - Varmints! - 107

Cats! Paul and Donna sharpen their claws and pounce on the topic of cats! Come swat the ball of yarn around with us this week […]

Earthworms - Varmints! - 104

Earthworms! This week on the Varmints! podcast join Paul and Donna to talk about those squishity, squiggly dirt eatin’ chums, the earthworms! But first, the […]

Brown Bears - Varmints! - 103

Brown Bears! This week on the Varmints! podcast join Paul and Donna for the much anticipated and long awaited brown bears episode! But first, the […]

Scorpions - Varmints! - 101

Scorpions! This week on Varmints! Podcast, join Paul and Donna for a discussion of those skittery little weirdos, scorpions! But first, the news! Swaner EcoCenter […]

Emus - Varmints! - 100

Emus! Woo hoo! It’s our 100th episode and we have all sorts of fun stuff in store! First, we’re joined by nationally recognized biologist and […]

Sea Turtles - Varmints! - 99

Sea Turtles! Who doesn’t love sea turtles? Paul is joined by his smart, hilarious daughter Baylee on this week’s long awaited episode about them! In […]

Pigs Revisited- Varmints! - 98

Pigs Revisited! Join the Varmints! podcast for this rerun of our episode about those wiggly-tailed barnyard superstars, pigs! But first, the news! You can swim […]

Crabs - Varmints! - 97

Crabs! Donna is on vacation so Mandy and Melissa from Moms and Murder join Paul to discuss those crabby (and delicious) crabs! Moms and Murder […]

Hyenas - Varmints - 94

Hyenas! This week Paul and Donna are talking about hyenas! These smelly savanna scavengers are surprisingly super! But first the news! Don’t invite hyenas to […]

Dragonflies - Varmints - 92

Dragonflies! We always notice and appreciate the lovely reviews you give us. Thank you. Thanks so much to Andrea Freitas for the recommendation this week. […]

Iguanas - Varmints - 91

Iguanas! This week on Varmints! podcast, we delve into the world of the extraordinary iguanas. It’s much bigger, and way weirder than you thought! But […]

Ants - Varmints - 90

Ants! We’ve got ants in our pants to talk to you about the amazing, adaptable, astonishing ant! But first, the news! Flying ant invasion has […]

Hammerhead Sharks - Varmints - 89

Hammerhead Sharks! Chris Green (Toph) from the GravityBeard podcast joins Donna this week to discuss those bizarre and wonderful hammerhead sharks! Thanks so much to […]

Hummingbirds - Varmints - 88

  Hummingbirds! Suzy from The Casual Birder podcast joins Donna this week to talk about the incredible lives of hummingbirds! Thanks so much to Suzy […]

Jellyfish - Varmints - 86

Jellyfish! Megan from Oh No Lit Class! joins Donna this week to talk about those unusual and mysterious sea creatures: jellyfish! Thanks so much to […]

Cheetahs - Varmints - 85

Cheetahs! Josh Hallmark from the Our Americana network joins Donna this week to talk about the speediest of all land varmints: cheetahs! Thanks so much […]

Giraffes - Varmints - 84

Giraffes! Stacey from the Rough Giraffe podcast joins Donna this week to talk about one of Africa’s most amazing creatures: giraffes! Thanks so much to […]

Seahorses - Varmints - 82

Seahorses! Let’s go for a swim in the ocean this week with Paul and Donna and look at those weird wonderful little fishes: the seahorses! […]

Snails - Varmints - 80

Snails! Slowly settle in this week with Paul and Donna for a weird and fantastic, but way relaxed, examination of the weird lives of snails! […]

Moose - Varmints - 79

 Moose! Time to revisit the deer family with these special stompers, Moose! (Moosen? Come on, we can do this!) But first, the news! Handling baby […]

Opossums - Varmints - 78

Opossums! It’s a passel of fun this week as Paul and Donna talk about the varmint featured in the logo: those darling little opossums! But […]

Butterflies - Varmints - 77

Butterflies! Time to flutter on in and learn about those flippity-flappity cuties, the butterflies! But first, the news! Varmints! podcast is committed to the indie […]

Toads - Varmints - 76

 Toads! Sit back and have a listen to a toad-ally awesome episode of Varmints about toads! Donna and Paul are really hoppy that you’re here! […]

Ducks - Varmints - 75

Ducks! It’s time to talk about ducks on the Varmints! Podcast! Paddle on over and join us for watery fun, but do not send us […]

Unicorns - Varmints -74

Unicorns! The incredible world of unicorns are the topic this week and Paul and Donna are pleased to welcome back New Mexico rancher Cotton Shorts […]

Black Bears - Varmints - 73

Black Bears! This week on the Varmints! podcast Paul and Donna learn all about adorable, yet terrifying black bears!  But first, the news! Scientists Saved […]

Alligators - Varmints - 70

Alligators! Whether you will see us later or in a while, this episode is about alligators and not crocodiles! But first, the news! Florida man […]

Mice - Varmints! - 69

Mice! It’s time to squeak and sneak through a jumbo-sized episode with our teeny little topic: mice! These little creepers give Donna the willies! But first, […]

Rhinos - Varmints! - 68

Rhinos! Ready to rock and roll with the rhinos this week? So are we! Let’s laugh and learn about these very cool, very endangered varmints! […]

Pigs - Varmints! - 67

 Pigs! Join the Varmints! podcast for our long awaited episode on the wiggly-tailed barnyard superstars, pigs! But first, the news! You can swim with pigs […]

Parrots - Varmints! - 65

Parrots! The Varmints! podcast and Rugrat Parker are crazy about parrots and now you can be too! Let’s fly off and talk about these colorful […]

Beavers Revisited - Varmints! - 64

Beavers! Varmints! podcast is proud to rerun this dam-tastic episode, Beavers! This critter was chosen by a friend of Varmints! podcast and fellow podcaster, Josh […]

Otters Revisited - Varmints! - 62

Otters Revisited! In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll rerun our discussion about otters! Otters were suggested by Varmints listener, Andrea. Thanks Andrea! Go check out […]

Walruses - Varmints! - 60

Walruses! This week on Varmints! we look at the wonderful, whopping, winsome walruses! Flop on over for a splashy adventure. Doodly doodly doodly hi hi […]

Wolves - Varmints! - 59

Wolves! Summon up a howl for us, Critter Crew! We are off on an adventure to discover the facts behind the beautiful, mysterious, carnivores, wolves! […]

Flamingos - Varmints! - 56

Flamingos! So you think you can dance? Few can match the goofy grace of flamingos, today’s subject on Varmints! podcast! But first let’s talk about […]

Tarantulas - Varmints! - 55

Tarantulas! Just in time for the spooky season, the Varmints! podcast examines the creepy, crawly, charming eight legged critters known as tarantulas! We also have […]

Orangutans - Varmints! - 52

Orangutans! Come on in and hang out with the Varmints! podcast and the Critter Crew! It’s time to learn about orangutans! But first, the news! […]

Sloths - Varmints! - 50

Sloths! Attention Critter Crew, aka Varminions, time to get your poo dance going on this week’s episode of Varmints! where we talk about those slowpokey […]

Hippos - Varmints! - 49

Hippos! Hey Varminions! Time to get our mojo back after the horrible hurricane threw us all off track! Suggestion for this episode was from the […]

Bison - Varmints! - 47

Bison! Feel the thunder of the mighty herd as Varmints! podcast take you on a journey to learn about the incredible, edible bison!   But […]

Hedgehogs - Varmints! - 46

Hedgehogs! The Varmints! podcast examines those spiky squee little pokey dudes, hedgehogs! Crikey they are spiky! Let’s learn about hedgehogs! But first, the news! Rare […]

Frogs - Varmints! - 44

Frogs! Hop on over and join Paul and Donna as they learn about wonderful, springy, sproingy critters we all love, frogs! Today on the Varmints! […]

Cockroaches - Varmints! - 42

Cockroaches! Yuck. Varmints! podcast talks about those yucky, blechy, icky-poo, nasty little critters, cockroaches. Blech. Come along and enjoy them intellectually with us. But first, […]

Aardvarks - Varmints! - 41

 Aardvarks! The Varmints! podcast takes a look at those weird and wonderful aardvarks on today’s show. We “dig” these giant insectivores and we know you […]

Eagles - Varmints! - 40

Eagles! This week on the Varmints we’re releasing our episode on the 4th of July, because EAGLES! The Bald Eagle has been an official symbol for America […]

Lions - Varmints! - 39

Lions! This week on the Varmints podcast Paul and Donna travel to the savanna to present a king-sized show featuring “the king of the jungle”: […]

Platypus - Varmints! - 36

 Platypus! Today’s Varmints! podcast features that semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action, the platypus! Platypodes if we’re going to get technical. Which we will. Today’s episode […]

Ferrets - Varmints! - 35

Ferrets! Welcome to Varmints! podcast! Today we’re talking about our tubular buddies from the Mustelid family, ferrets! In today’s episode we deal with listener mail! […]

Rats - Varmints! - 34

Rats! Well, rats, today’s episode is about ratty, ratty little rats! Be prepared to be fascinated and slightly skeeved out, but first let’s scurry on […]

Komodo Dragons - Varmints! - 33

Komodo dragons! Today’s icky ol’ Varmints! episode deals with icky (but fascinating!) Komodo dragons! This is an animal with an ick factor so high, we […]

Horses - Varmints! - 32

Horses! This week on the Varmints! podcast we got to talk about horses with friend of the show,  horse aficionado John Harrer from the Whoa! podcast. […]

Chameleons - Varmints! - 31

Chameleons! This week on the Varmints! podcast Paul and Donna geek out over chameleons! These colorful, sticky-tongued little critters are amazing! But first the news! […]

Lampreys - Varmints! - 30

Lampreys! Varmints! podcast were recently invited to join Clay Groves on his fishy podcast Fish Nerds! Fish Nerds is all about fish, fishing and eating fish […]

Beavers - Varmints! - 29

Beavers! Varmints! podcast is proud to present this dam-tastic episode, Beavers! This critter was chosen by a friend of Varmints! podcast and fellow podcaster, Josh […]

Mosquitoes - Varmints! - 28

 Mosquitoes! The studio is buzzing over here at the Varmints! podcast with all the bitey, zippity zing that are mosquitoes! But first, the news! With […]

Jackalopes - Varmints! - 27

Jackalopes! Just in time for National Jackalope Day, the Varmints podcast lands yet another animal expert to talk about the secret world of  jackalopes! Learn […]

Goldfish - Varmints! - 25

Goldfish! This week on Varmints podcast we’re going for a swim with our finny friends the goldfish! So dive on in and join in on […]

Skunks - Varmints! - 23

Skunks! The Varmints! podcast researched the stinky topic of skunks this week! Join us to learn about these animals that are so much more than […]

Pangolins - Varmints! - 21

Pangolins! Varmints podcast ends up accidentally participating in #WorldPangolinDay! Pangolins were a listener request from the Jock and Nerd Podcast, and we just happened to […]

Lovebirds - Varmints! - 20

Lovebirds! For Blazing Caribou’s tribute to romance for Valentines Day, in this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about lovebirds! Lovebirds were suggested by BCS owner […]

Squirrels - Varmints! - 19

Squirrels! In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about squirrels! Squirrels were suggested by Varmints listener, Laura, so we thank her! Squirrels are cute, clever critters […]

Otters - Varmints! - 18

Otters! In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about otters! Otters were suggested by Varmints listener, Andrea. Thanks Andrea! Everyone knows otters are cute, but […]

Ravens - Varmints! - 16

Ravens! In this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about ravens! With their creepy reputation, it’s easy to overlook these bright, curious, and delightful critter of […]