Turkeys - Varmints! - 11

Leftover Turkeys! On this special edition of the Varmints podcast, Paul and Paul are talking turkeys! Listen along as myths and misconceptions are busted and laughs […]

Goldfish - Varmints! - 25

Goldfish! This week on Varmints podcast we’re going for a swim with our finny friends the goldfish! So dive on in and join in on […]

Skunks - Varmints! - 23

Skunks! The Varmints! podcast researched the stinky topic of skunks this week! Join us to learn about these animals that are so much more than […]

Pangolins - Varmints! - 21

Pangolins! Varmints podcast ends up accidentally participating in #WorldPangolinDay! Pangolins were a listener request from the Jock and Nerd Podcast, and we just happened to […]

Lovebirds - Varmints! - 20

Lovebirds! For Blazing Caribou’s tribute to romance for Valentines Day, in this week’s Varmints podcast we’ll talk about lovebirds! Lovebirds were suggested by BCS owner […]

Cheesus Christ - Trivia Geeks - S3 E6

Trivia Geeks brings you a Brogue One: Cheesus Christ, you’re welcome. In this week’s celebrity smackdown episode “Cheesus Christ“, Imran Javed decides to play with himself, or […]

Reindeer - Varmints! - 14

Reindeer! Reindeer are the subject of this week’s installment of the Varmints podcast! Head on up to the frozen tundra with two nerds named Paul […]

Pandas - Varmints! - 13

Pandas! Travel to China with two clueless guys named Paul as they explore the fascinating, poop-filled world of pandas on this week’s episode of Varmints! […]

\W/ Trace Decay - Brokebot Mountain - 8

Trace Decay In this week’s episode of HBO’s Westworld series ‘Trace Decay’  @karisimms1 @Philrood discuss Bernard’s struggles with the mandate that was issued to him. Teddy is […]

Leftovers - Varmints! - 11.5

Leftovers! What to do with all those Varmints leftovers? Share them with you of course! This week while Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk are slowly […]

\W/ Contrapasso - Brokebot Mountain - 5

Contrapasso In this week’s episode of HBO’s Westworld series ‘Contrapasso‘ Dolores, William and Logan reach Pariah, a town built on decadence and transgression-they’re  recruited for a […]

Shittens - Trivia Geeks - S3 E3

Trivia Geeks brings you Shittens, you’re welcome. In this week’s celebrity smackdown episode ‘Shittens‘, (Yes! They are a real thing) we are joined by a couple […]

Octopuses - Varmints! - 10

Octopuses! Two guys named Paul plumb the depths of the oceans to learn more about octopuses on this week’s Varmints podcast! Join our intrepid explorers […]

Wolverines - Varmints! - 9

Wolverines! Join two guys named Paul as they head up to the Great White North to learn all about wolverines on this week’s edition of […]

Bats - Varmints! - 8

Bats! This week the Varmints! podcast goes spelunking into a cave full of creepy but misunderstood and fascinating bats! Join them as they talk about […]

Penguins - Varmints! - 7

Penguins! This week the Varmints! podcast explores the fascinating world of penguins! Your intrepid explorers venture into the Antarctic do discuss their favorite Oswald Cobblepot, […]

Crocodiles - Varmints! - 6

Crocodiles! Crikey! The Varmints! podcast is swimmin’ with the crocodiles this week! Join two clueless blokes named Paul as they talk about Crocodile Dundee, share […]

Owls - Varmints! - 5

Owls! Owls are the topic on this week’s Varmints podcast. This week one Paul discovers that the cake was a lie while the other Paul has his last shred […]

Goats - Varmints! - 4

Goats! The Varmints! podcast is down on the farm hanging out with the goats this week! Join Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk as they talk […]

Elephants - Varmints! - 3

Elephants! On this episode of Varmints! your clueless safari guides Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk learn about the Earth’s largest land mammal, elephants! Here’s some […]

Liar- Trivia Geeks - S2 E9

 In this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks: Liar! Michael Johnson required to say liar after every answer, and you can’t tell if he’s serious or just doesn’t […]

Beetles - Varmints! - 2

Beetles! It’s a brand new episode of Varmints! In this episode, animal novices Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk talk about the military, pop culture, and, oh yeah, […]

Unicorn Farts - Trivia Geeks - S2 E8

What are Unicorn Farts? In this week’s episode of Trivia Geeks:  Kari Simms and Thinker St. James are both asked by host, Shawn Burns, “Guys; What are Unicorn Farts?” […]

7 Minute Workout - I’d App That - Episode 003

7 Minute Workout Kari Simms guest stars on this episode of I’d App That! She is the co-founder of Blazing Caribou Studios. bringing along her favorite Apps: 7 Minute Workout, MyFitnessPal, & Runtastic.  Encouraging you to […]

Raccoons - Varmints! - Pilot

Raccoons! While Paul Csomo coughs and sneezes and curses the allergen tree across the street, it’s another episode of Varmints! where Paul Csomo and Paul […]

Kangaroos - Varmints! - 1

Kangaroos It’s Blazing Caribou Studios début episode of Varmints!  First of all, Paul Csomo and Paul Wilk talk about their possible formation of a new metal band. They discuss a […]

Arlovski vs Barnett - Metal/MMA: R&B

Arlovski vs Barnett This week we recap the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Fox 21 and Bellator 160 cards,then we breakdown the upcoming Fight Night 93, headlined by Arlovski vs Barnett. […]

Maia vs Condit - Metal/MMA: R&B

Join us this week as we discuss Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Fox 21, which is expected to be headlined by Maia vs Condit.. Rounds and Breakdowns […]