Taking out the Trash – The Soapy Madams Podcast – 76

We’re putting people in the bin this episode. Having run clean out of patience for their loopy behavior, we’ve become the hand of the God of Soaps to reduce the casts of all our favorite shows.

Join us to talk it over on The Soapy Madams Podcast!


We did an episode of Varmints on llamas and alpacas you can find here: Llamas and Alpacas – Varmints – 95,

and we joined Paul Hawkins for an episode of BlokeBuster’s to discuss the movie Soap Dish! Find that here: Ep 110: Soapdish or: Wow, What A Cast!!

Our intro music is by Jahzzar, our bed music is by Kevin MacLeod and Bird Creek. They are all wonderful so go check them out!

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