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Just in time for the spooky season, the Varmints! podcast examines the creepy, crawly, charming eight legged critters known as tarantulas! We also have a wonderful guest in fellow podcaster Elle Stewart from the Quid Pro Quo podcast, who has what sounds like about a thousand tarantulas crawling around her house.

Just kidding, she only has ten (only) and they are all in little spidey cages. Beware, arachnaphobes, this show is not for you unless you want to face that fear directly in its eight weird little eyes and say “I AM NOT AFRAID!” If that’s you, keep listening! Otherwise, time to go listen to Otters again. Let’s get this spidey party started!

First, a bit about our guest!

Elle Stewart is a “non-expert” who has a lot of experience with tarantulas. She runs the Quid Pro Quo podcast, but for pets, she has cats, and, a zillion tarantulas.


Elle Stewart has a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology. She is a self-described “True Crime Obsessed Weirdo”.
She also likes spiders. A lot. 

 Wanna see picture’s of Elle’s tarantulas? Of course you do! Take a peek around the Fabulous Spiders of Elle Stewart’s Creepy Menagerie of Fangy Goodness!


Don’t forget the babies!



Ninja Throwing Star Your Butt Hairs. Do it now. Read about it here. Courtesy of Arthropoda.WordPress.com.


You can tell by the bald spot she’s been doing just that.

Watch a fascinating video of a tarantula completing a successful molt! Video courtesy of YouTube user Vida Sangrea Fria.

Watch it! You know you want to!


How do tarantulas eat? Read about it here courtesy of animals.mom.me.


Bugs are nature’s sippy cup for the tarantula.

Does your tarantula have boxing gloves? Then it’s a boy and he’s looking for love!


 The above photo is a preserved specimen of an adult male Aphonopelma hentzi.
Picture courtesy of Mile High Bug Club.

No tarantulas were hurt in these scenes. Video courtesy of YouTube user Gordon Freeman.

Spirited Away - Bou, Yubaba’s familiar and Kamajii’s soots playing around, courtesy of YouTube user Jaryl Ghng.

Time to hit the road with Colorado tarantulas! Read about it here, courtesy of Only in Your State.

Cross the road again! I just can’t wait to get across the road again!

Silk-Oozing Feet Give Tarantulas a Gravity-Defying Grip! Read all about that amazingness right here, courtesy of Wired.com.

TarantulasA demonstration of why physics is cool.

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