Tearjerkers - See, Here’s the Thing - 84

Episode 84: Tearjerkers

It’s been two weeks since our viewing of “Avengers: Infinity War,” so it’s finally time to start the grieving process.  We provide spoiler-free commentary on the film’s impact, standout performances, box office reception, and how it establishes itself in the pantheon of movie tearjerkers.

See, here’s the thing about tearjerkers:  are films more emotional when you can directly relate to them? Or are they more emotional when you develop a connection to characters you’ve never met?
We also mourn the death of The Water Cooter and talk about Patrick’s recent trip to Google.  We’ll list our other favorite tearjerkers and turn sad movies into happy films.  Did you know you can make any movie cheerful by putting that kid from Toy Story into it? Neither did we!

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Hosted by: Kate & Patrick