Thank You Notes - See, Here’s the Thing - 85

Episode 85: Thank You Notes

It’s our most grateful episode ever! Thank you, listener, for tuning into this episode on thank you notes. We’re behind the curve on the speed of our wedding gift replies, according to Hallmark, but we’ve got several examples of terrible thank you notes that should never have been sent.

See, here’s the thing about thank you notes:  are they a dying art form?

The show almost dips into true crime land with an intense discussion of Netflix’s latest documentary, “Evil Genius.”

We explain the difference between a Star Wars boat vs. landspeeder, and also debate about holding a fantasy box office draft.

Plus, we’ll read some thank you notes from celebrities and share a heartfelt story about the kindness of Starbucks baristas and the power of gratitude.

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Hosted by: Kate & Patrick