The Hunger Games – Geek Cinema Society – 39

The Hunger Games

‘The Hunger Games’ – Episode 39

In this episode of Geek Cinema SocietyNicole Davis, David Luzader, and their guest, Brian Guthrie, delve into 2012’s ‘The Hunger Games.‘ With Brett Stewart gone for the week, the team bands together to voyage on into the dystopian future. The film spawned a massive franchise, but was it any good? Did it stand tall amidst comparisons to the likes of ‘Harry Potter’ and other young adult properties? It spawned the career of Jennifer Lawrence, who would later go on to be an Academy Award winner. The panel digs in and determines if the first entry in ‘The Hunger Games’ is worth revisiting.

For listeners who would like to follow along and treat Geek Cinema Society as a film club of sorts, we will be watching ‘Flash Gordon’ on Saturday! Following that, we’ll be watching ‘Starship Troopers.’

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