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tiny monkeys

Tiny Monkeys!

Join us for adorable itty bitty fun as we discuss the cutest of all the primates: tiny monkeys!

But first, the news!


Check out The Funniest Wild Animals Photos Of 2017! Article courtesy of forbes.com.

Oh, you kids are such a hoot.

Tamarin Monkeys! Article courtesy of animalcorner.co.uk.

tiny monkeys

I say, I’m an adorable little chap, wot wot?

Marmosets love YouTube Tutorials! Video courtesy of YouTube User Live Science.

So, it’s twiddle the thing, then push the other thing, then…

All about macaques! Article courtesy of bbc.co.uk.

tiny monkeys

Ohhh being cute makes me so tired!

Capuchin Monkeys protest unequal pay! Video courtesy of YouTube user Ted Blog Video.

Time for tiny monkeys to unionize.
Barrel of Monkeys game, video courtesy of YouTube user tvdays.

More fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Wait…

Gremlins: Faces In The Forest, video courtesy of YouTube user MonkeyMan.

Way cuter than Gremlins and safe around water!

Mauro in Rio. Video courtesy of YouTube user PREDAQUEEN.

The squee’i’est thieves in the animal kingdom!

Finally a special thanks to singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton for allowing us to open the show with a portion of the song “Code Monkey”. We’re both big fans of his and we really appreciate it. Thanks, Jonathan! If you enjoyed that little tune and want to check out more, we highly recommend that you do that! Click anywhere on this sentence to go directly to his website to listen to more of his music, buy his albums or find out where he’s performing live!

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