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Blazing Caribou Studios has given a home to Two Peas On A Podcast, hosted by Gerald and Andy!  We are thrilled to welcome them both into our family.  These two discuss weekly current events and pop culture with a positive spin.

NEW PODCAST “TWO PEAS ON A PODCAST” NOW AVAILABLE wherever you listen to podcasts.

Two Peas On A Podcast focuses on Pop Culture, Current Events and Entertainment.  This podcast gets in depth on all today’s latest hot topics and current news events.  This show is geared toward a mature audience, due to some graphic material, not suitable for young children.

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Two Peas On A Podcast

Two Peas On A Podcast, (Available on Blazing Caribou Studios),

Does the news get you down?  Do you find that there’s no time to stay caught up on the news? Do you wish the newscasters on TV/Radio were funnier? If you answered YES to any of these, then you should check out the Two Peas On A Podcast!  Andy and Gerald give a nice weekly wrap up.  They discuss “one deep topic” of the week in the world of news and politics.  They surround that deep topic with all types of stories from the world of entertainment and pop culture.  Their goal is to give you the news of the week, while also making you smile.  It’s not easy to do, but they try!

Recent Episode

2018: New Year, Who Dis – Two Peas on a Podcast – 56

2018 New Year, Who Dis
The most fun these guys have on the show is having a year end wrap up.  They do a play on the Golden Globes and announce the years Golden Pea Awards and go over the best movies, top 5 most influential news story.  Gerald “The reason I love this episode is because we aren’t locked into what the current news is that that week.  Instead Andy and I go back and reminisce and reflect on the past years stories.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Gerald and Andy via Twitter or on Facebook to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

About the Creators

Andy was trained as a radio DJ at the American Radio Network in Los Angeles and was in charge of audio and music at Life Impact Community Church (as a minister, he can also perform your wedding ceremony).  After spending time in Chicago and Los Angeles, he and his wife moved back to North Carolina, the place that had always felt like home.  Andy believes that music has the unique ability to create an atmosphere of celebration, so he was naturally ecstatic when Gerald asked him to be a part of Sweet Sound Productions.  These days Andy can be found dancing with his two children, sitting on the couch with his wife watching Netflix, or lounging on the porch with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Sweet Sound was founded in March of 2012 by former college radio personality and wedding DJ, Gerald of Charlotte, NC.  Gerald currently resides in Durham, NC with his lovely wife who runs the family-based business with him.  Gerald has been in North Carolina his entire life (if you’re wondering about his college basketball alliances, just ask him), and his knowledge and passion for not only this business, but for the state can be felt in every event that he emcees.  Gerald has always been a lover of music.  In his professional life, he has always been in the hospitality business.  His goal will not only be for you to dance your butt off, but to also give you peace of mind that you chose the right man for the job!

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