Top 5 TV Sitcoms – Two Peas – BONUS 7

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Top 5 TV Sitcoms: Bonus Material (7)

Gerald is joined by Ashlee (Rabbit Ears TV Pod) and Paul (The Countdown Pod) to discuss and compare our Top 5 TV sitcoms of all-time! We cross paths along the way, but for the most part some pretty different lists. Take a listen and reminisce.

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Intro: “The Office (Theme)” by Michael Scott Fan Club. 2009 TV Favorites. All Rights Reserved.
Outro A: “Seinfeld (Theme)” by Kitsch & Camp. ℗ 2014 Play-Time. All Rights Reserved
Outro B: “Thank You for Being a Friend” by TV Tune Stars. ℗ 2012 Not Us Music. All Rights Reserved.

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