Varmints! Cellphone Photo Backyard Wildlife Contest

Picture must be taken with a cell phone, though you may use whatever app you like.

Pictures may be slightly color corrected or adjusted in brightness/contrast and cropped in Photoshop or similar program, but please stick to the photo’s native tone and no black and whites.

The photo needs to be at least 1080 pixels on its longest edge. Both portrait and landscape compositions are acceptable.

“Backyard” can be your literal backyard, or it can be a National Park, a Zoo, an Aquarium, basically anywhere you can go to see varmints in person.

All animals photographed must be photographed behaving naturally, without any staging or coercion.

Send your final photo with the subject line “Varmints Cellphone Photo Contest” to by September 7th, 2018.

Good luck and happy photo snapping!